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  1. Qualcosa ha rotto a recupero. Ho potuto riavviare il bootloader, ma non sono riuscito a recuperare. L' ho appena fatto un' altra volta e qui andiamo. Grazie per il vostro consiglio.
  2. Ho installato il GizRom 1.7 sul Nubia Z11. Volevo provare un' altra ROM ieri, ma non sono riuscito a recuperare (TWRP è installato). Sono troppo stupido o c' è un trucco?
  3. i didn't find an official TWRP 3.1.0; did you know, where i can find it?
  4. try to update the download. The problem with irrgular MD5 seems to be, if the time between notice for update and download is to long.
  5. Bootloader is closed TWRP = 3.0.3-0
  6. Last week's I use the OTA from mokee. Everything was fine. At one day, the OTA was buggy and playstore downlands fails. For this reason I reinstall the whole actual mokee Rom. But after I flash the EU baseband I would like flash the newest supersu, I like this more than the integrated root tool. After flashing supersu 2.82 my phone didn't startet. The nubia logo flashes a very short time and then screen was black. I solve this issue with reinstall whole rom. Did anyone know, why flashing supersu let the system crashes?
  7. I have just successfully installed the update
  8. Did you tried this https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=558296&view=findpost&p=52777789
  9. Downloaden, installieren, ist alles in Ordnung mit Basisband- 01.22; thank you!
  10. those error i had a day before, don't know if the download was wrong
  11. No, signal quality is good. the apk of nubia camera app can be found via google. I am searching for the nubia app 'super screenshot' which can be used by fingerprintsensor
  12. i could install the today OTA Update and now i have MK71.2-nx531j-201705040731-NIGHTLY installed, without any problems
  13. NFC is ok, but it depence of the App.
  14. Includes the current nightly the Chinese baseband? Or was that corrected? For me, the setup assistant crashes and I can not get into the 7.1.2 Rom
  15. Did you know, how i can check, which baseband is integrated in a ROM??
  16. Be careful, in my installation was a china baseband and I loose signal so I am reverted to the previous version
  17. i give RR a try and i am very happy at the moment with this rom. it is smooth and the notifications are fast like every rom before (exclude the Nubia Rom)
  18. And one more question. My wife loves some notifications sounds of Stock rom, is it possible to extract these sounds?
  19. another question: when i was connected my phone via bluetooth in my car, i was able to activate smart lock (there was a notification to do this). So when my nubia is connecting with my car, I need no password or fingerprint. So the function smartlock is anywhere in the phone, but i did'nt find it. i would like to use smartlock at home (with wifi) or in the office. any suggestions?
  20. Ciao Emanuele, mille grazie, la punta vale oro. Spero che il traduttore di Google non fa troppa sciocchezza.
  21. To the topic of the notifications I have yet another hint or question. After the reinstallation of Threema and Zello I have both in the taskmanager with the lock symbol. Then the app asked me that the permanent use influences the energy settings and whether I want to rework them. After the confirmation to the revision, I came into a menu battery performance improvement, which can not be found in the normal settings. There you can adjust whether the app remains active, then the notifications come easily. How to make the menu "normal" visible?
  22. Hi, sorry when i write in english, I am not an Italian. Since Emanuele helps to get root on my Z11 a try the GIZROM 1.6. The most things are running good, but Google Inbox shows me an error. Is there any solution for that?
  23. OK; thanks, that was the tip i am waiting for (format 'data'). Thank you very much!!. After first format i did a reboot to bootloader and do a fastboot to see, if the password ist gone; right. Than i install from twrp the stock 121 and reboot to system; its crazy, after that i going back to twrp and twrp want a password... now, i did another format 'data' and make an installaltion of gizrom 1.6. from earlier TWRP flash's i was wondering, that a reboot from regular system (settings/ system update) i am reaching the nubia recovery and not twrp. Whcih way in future i have to go to open twrp? Oh Emanuele, thanks for your patience.
  24. Hi Emanuele, mille grazie. . But at point 7 the prozess stopps. After " fastboot -i 0x19d2 flash recovery recoveryRgizchinaZ11.img" everything seems to be ok sending 'recovery' (22198 KB)... OKAY [ 0.499s] writing 'recovery'... OKAY [ 0.238s] finished. total time: 0.741s then " fastboot -i 0x19d2 boot recoveryRgizchinaZ11.img" shows me that downloading 'boot.img'... OKAY [ 0.502s] booting... FAILED (remote: bootimage: incomplete or not signed) finished. total time: 0.527s something failed when i use the twrp package from xda, after fastboot boot command i can see twrp, but only with password for mounting system EDIT: sorry twrp 3.0.2 wants a password for decrypting data
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