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  1. Il 4/27/2017 at 12:33, Emanuele C dice:

    Rumors Say That Lenovo will merge all the furniture production under the "Moto" brand. At this moment we do not have official informations about the future of ZUI, says someone That they could continue to use it in the development chinese Moto smartphones, but this is only a hope for now

    Hi, Zuk Z2 rom 2.0 is out. Great! Will there soon be 2.0 for Z2 Pro too? With Dutch language in the settings?

  2. The Zuk Z2 Pro is a really nice and good device! Only mine came with a custom rom ZUI, Which i did not like at all. I unlocked the device, installed TWRP and Mokee OS. What a crap that is!

    I installed this GizRom, rooted the phone and got rid of U health and some other stuff. But i can not find Gallery app to uninstall. Someone know how to?

    I am very content with this GizRom. No problems, stable and quick.

    Two questions:

    1. Will there be updates? If yes, just install with TWRP?

    2. There is no Dutch language in the rom. Will there be Dutch in the future?