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  1. That's a good question dude. Which roms are available for the Zuk Z2 Pro? I hoped it would be MIUI. Did you try another camera app, like Open Camera? I tried LineAge before, but had some problems with Wifi, so I installed the Gizrom again. Now waiting for a great update.
  2. Succeeded, i forgot "-i 0x2b4c" sorry. Installed twrp, supersu and your rom. It's all good now. Waiting for 2.0.....
  3. Ik gebruikte "adb devices" en het apparaat was er. Dan is "adb reboot bootloader" en het apparaat ging in fastboot-modus. Dan is "fastboot flash etc" and i got "waiting for device"
  4. Hello, just unlocked bootloader Z2 Pro and want to install twrp, but everytime "waiting for device", no matter what i do. Drivers are there. Strange. What can this be? How to install twrp?
  5. Does this rom also support Dutch language in the settings?
  6. Hi, Zuk Z2 rom 2.0 is out. Great! Will there soon be 2.0 for Z2 Pro too? With Dutch language in the settings?
  7. Hello, 1. Thank you. 2. https://eu.dl.twrp.me/z2/ Can you let me know if the twrp Z2 (plus) can be used in Z2 Pro? Thank you Alex
  8. Hello, i have two questions: 1. Will there be an update for this rom? 2. Can i install latest twrp 3.1.1-0 for Z2 / Z2 Plus for Z2 Pro? Thanks Alex
  9. That's too bad. Work for the developer. I hope it will be fixed with the first coming update. You made a note of it. Just wait and see.
  10. Just go to advanced settings and choose date / time. There you can choose 24 hours indication.
  11. I read that Lenovo ends the Zuk production. Will this effect the development of the ZUI rom?
  12. Thank you. So, That Also includes the video app. I hope These apps will be seperated in the update. I will contact Francko for translation in Dutch. Thanks again. Alex
  13. The Zuk Z2 Pro is a really nice and good device! Only mine came with a custom rom ZUI, Which i did not like at all. I unlocked the device, installed TWRP and Mokee OS. What a crap that is! I installed this GizRom, rooted the phone and got rid of U health and some other stuff. But i can not find Gallery app to uninstall. Someone know how to? I am very content with this GizRom. No problems, stable and quick. Two questions: 1. Will there be updates? If yes, just install with TWRP? 2. There is no Dutch language in the rom. Will there be Dutch in the future? Thanks, Alex
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