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  1. 360 N5s: root and TWRP [Eng]

    I just realised that the Kernal Version for the blue phone and the black phone is different. The blue phones Kernal Version is 3.10.84-perf while the black phones version is just 3.10.84
  2. 360 N5s: root and TWRP [Eng]

    Do you think you guys will update the DevRom and the CustomROM for the N5s in the near future?
  3. 360 N5s: root and TWRP [Eng]

    I tried it with a different blue phone (same model) and it has the same problem. How come the blue phone doesn't work but the black phone works. I dont get it... It's the same phone is it not?
  4. 360 N5s: root and TWRP [Eng]

    Sorry Emanuele I think you've misunderstood, GizROM works fine. Its just when I flash the Developer ROM.CPB file thats when the camera stops working. Thats the only part that messes up the camera. If I could just get TWRP onto my phone WITHOUT the root access Developer ROM to flash GizROM that would be perfect.
  5. 360 N5s: root and TWRP [Eng]

    So it looks like the DevRom just doesn't agree with my phones camera for some reason... Is there any other way for me to flash twrp and GizRom without the DevRom?
  6. 360 N5s: root and TWRP [Eng]

    Hey Emanuele, I've managed to fix my camera problem by flashing the manufacturers ROM and then I followed the instructions to flash the DevROM. but every time rIght after flashing the DevROM the camera stops working... it only works normally with the original ROM. I have flashed my girlfriends phone and her camera works fine but mine doesn't work (same model phone N5s). Can you please help!?
  7. 360 N5s: root and TWRP [Eng]

    Thanks for always replying to me Emanuele, you're awesome. Anyways I haven't checked yet but the download for the rom is taking forever since the server is in China. I have encountered another problem although I'm not sure if you can help me. So on the N5s theres a screen recording function, I was wondering if I can uninstall or disable it temporarily because I think its the cause to my Snapchat login problem that I mentioned in my earlier post. The company says that it doesn't allow rooted phones to login and also doesn't allow phones that have 3rd party software to login to the app. So I'm trying to see if deleting the Screen recording function from the N5s phone would allow me to login. Thanks once again!
  8. 360 N5s: root and TWRP [Eng]

    I've tried to do everything over from step 1 to use the program to get the devleoper rom with root access onto the phone but when I plugged in the phone to my computer it didn't show Qiku Android Bootloader Interface connected
  9. 360 N5s: root and TWRP [Eng]

    How do i flash the original rom? do i just use twrp? i have to flash the original rom because i need to send it back to the manufacturer to get it fixed Also for some reason snapchat won't let me sign in using the N5s phone.
  10. 360 N5s: root and TWRP [Eng]

    So for some reason I just noticed that my phones camera isn't working.. the front camera works but its grainy and the flash doesn't work and the options for the front facing camera is supposed to be for the rear camera. Everytime I try to switch it to the rear camera it freezes. I need to try to completely factory reset it can you please teach me how Emanuele!? I need some serious help!!! I don't have the stock N5s factory image ROM I didn't backup because I didn't know how to.. Also just so you know I have an extra Qiku 360 N5s phone that hasn't been rooted or flashed at all. Am I able to get a factory rom from that device? and if so how do I do that?
  11. 360 N5s: root and TWRP [Eng]

    Okay thank you just one last question. I have flashed the GizRom over to the N5s, now how do I transfer my sms photos (everything) from my Samsung S6 edge over to the N5s? Also just in case I need to send the phone back to the manufacture for repairs, how do I unroot remove twrp and also get back the stock rom? (Basically what do I need to do to make it like how it was fresh out of the box)
  12. 360 N5s: root and TWRP [Eng]

    Sorry for all these questions Emanuele but do I also need to flash SuperSu again after flashing GizRom?
  13. 360 N5s: root and TWRP [Eng]

    Okay, is this the only ROM that's available or works for the N5S? Also how do I backup my phone before flashing a ROM?
  14. 360 N5s: root and TWRP [Eng]

    Is there a rom for Americans or Canadians? I don't know Italian... or does it not matter?
  15. 360 N5s: root and TWRP [Eng]

    Thank you for the quick reply! I have rooted the phone and installed twrp but I still can't install Google playstore. Please I need to use google services on this phone since I'm in Canada. Would downloading a rom fix this? I don't know how to flash roms. Just check for ROMS can I use CyanogenMod or Lineage OS on this phone?