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  1. purvi

    Nomu S10 Pro

    I think everyone has such impression on NOMU S10 Pro if they have used the phone — super waterproof, super loud speaker, fast and precise motion control, large storage capacity
  2. purvi

    Acquisto BV9000

    Of course, Blackview BV9000 Pro also has strong features like 128GB ROM, 13MP camera, which I think are the reason of being so expensive. But as far as I’m concerned, 128GB ROM is unnecessary in terms of outdoor use. In conclusion, NOMU T18 is more useful and cost-effective. For people are more concerned with functionality and originality, NOMU T18 is a better choice.
  3. purvi

    Nomu T18 Rugged smartphone

    #Nomu #T18 Thoughtful accessories allows one T18 to perform the tasks of three.😎😎 Antenna = a mini walkie-talkie External camera = a mini camera Hand strap = a safe trip Go outside and get yourself equipped, enough with one T18. Easy to travel! Convenient to work!
  4. purvi

    Nomu S10 Pro

    I love that the phone is really fast on the daily basis and that is the most important feature on any phone.