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    Amazfit Bip: latin alphabet with graphic accent

    Thanks Emanuele! I’ve already contacted to yener durak and he had suggested me to pull up some letters 2px. He’s working on it. I hope it will be done today!
  2. chienkhuat

    Amazfit Bip: latin alphabet with graphic accent

    Dear Emanuele C! (I'm so sorry because I can't contact to Yener Durak, so If you can, tell him about this. Thanks) I'm Khuất Chiến from Việt Nam. Thanks for your help with Vietnamese on the Amazfit Bip. As you know, Our language have the special characters show they can't display with same line of latin base font. Normally base latin font have the distance 4px from bottom, so we have 12px from top to draw characters. With Vietnamese some character like Ế, Ễ, Ấ, Ẫ, Ẩ, Ứ, Ữ, Ử need more height than 12px. So I have an idea, I will move all base latin font down 2px to bottom, and Vietnamese characters have 14px from top to draw and that's enough. I think you will have all Vietnamese Bip user to make our own ft file with new base latin and new vietnamese characters. If you can help, please tell me. I will fix all latin base, vietnamese characters with distance 2px from bottom and send to you. You will make a font file for us. Really thanks. This is compare between two style font 4px and 2px from bottom . Hope you read and help us. Thanks in advanced! If you can't change latin base from 4px to 2px because they may affect to other language. Please make us (all vietnamese bip user) a ft file for vietnamese. Thank you so much. Here the link Vietnamese 3: http://www.mediafire.com/file/76kn4v8fl7p21ug/Vietnamese%203.zip And here the link of combine characters: http://www.mediafire.com/file/r8b9376oi8ucmry/Vietnamese%20Combine.zip