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  1. Hello bad news... after installed v 3.1.5 yesterday, no problem, no automatic update of the firmware. But this morning, after one night, I launch mi fit, and just after synchronisation, firmware update begin again. And problem, my band is blocked, see picture. If anyone has a solution, it will be very appreciated Thanks for your help Dimitri
  2. Oops sorry I will install mi fit 3.1.5 and try this... But if you have the original firmware in chinese I m interested. Thanks Dimi
  3. Hellohell Hello Thanks for the explanations but I have the same problem. Mi fit forces an update of the firmware, even with the files you sent a little later. Could you sens again files or do you have a version of mi fit which don t update firmware? (fw and res) or perhaps you have original chinese firmware (fw and res) Your help will be very appreciated! :-) Thanks a lot! Dimi
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