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      Il forum di cerca staff!   18/12/2017

      Hai una buona conoscenza del mondo del modding e di quello tech (con un occhio di riguardo alla telefonia cinese) e ti piacerebbe essere un punto di riferimento per i meno esperti? Ecco come candidarsi per entrare a far parte del nostro staff! 
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      Aiutaci a scegliere il prossimo device GizROM!   06/01/2018

      Il GizChina ROM Project supporta ormai decine di smartphone. Aiutaci a scegliere il prossimo dispositivo a cui dedicare la nostra ROM custom partecipando al sondaggio!


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  1. Amazing! NOMU creates a slim rugged phone? Maybe i should buy one for my dad who loves outdoor activities.
  2. #Nomu, leading the strong performance of #rugged phone, unlocking the future trend of science and technology.
  3. Breaking the habitual thinking, the rugged phone can also be the beauty pursuer. #NOMU #M6 is more fashionable and thinner while guarantees the high quality!
  4. #Nomu #M6-redefine the role of your phone! A. Intelligent-Good assistance of your work B. Fashionable-Style Icon with charming appearance C.Tough-#IP68 waterproof
  5. Always wanted a second phone for off-work use. This is a nice choice. Water-proof and drop-proof, in this way, i can feel free to do any outdoor sports. Very nice.
  6. #NOMU #M6, Unlock phone with your #face. Accurate and private, enjoy your exclusive phone experience.
  7. #NOMU #M6--a smart assistant for your daily life.
  8. With water-proof & NXP smart PA speaker from #Nomu #M6, you will never miss a beats of clear, loud sound. Enjoy your favorite music anytime, anywhere
  9. As outdoor enthusiasts, My wife and I are both royal fans of NOMU. We each have a NOMU phone. M6 is in my wife purchase list already, I bet.
  10. Slim and light, Nomu M6 will amaze you it's shining3D glossy cover.
  11. Nomu M6-not only with elegant appearance, but also IP 68 water-proof.
  12. The battery is not durable enough to use? NOMU M6 makes you farewell this trouble. Large capacity battery, Super long standby and Fast charging
  13. When NOMU disclosed the first video of M6, I was attracted. Now I decide to buy it. It would be a good standby phone for me as a businessman. Stylish and tough. Very nice.
  14. I think it ‘s the best standby phone. It’s affordable, water-proof, drop-proof, and dustproof.
  15. M6 is a strong evidence that rugged phone can be beautiful. Hope rugged phone maker can make more phones like this.