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  1. #NOMU #M6 adopts 5.0” display and 2.5D curved design to make the phone more delicate, beautiful and more stereo feeling
  2. The well-designed #NOMU #M6 with thin and light body to give the ultra-rugged performance.
  3. #Nomu #M6 with selfie softlight camera, a clear and vibrant photo is definitely guaranteed
  4. #NOMU #M6 adopts 5.0” display and 2.5D curved design to make the phone more delicate, beautiful and more stereo feeling.
  5. #NOMU #M6 is just what you want, fashion and slim appearance with tough and durable performance, easily used by single hand.
  6. Actually, i am really concerned about my personal information misusing in the internet. My mail always get some spams. I heard that NOMU phone with the latest system features monitoring data permission and protecting privacy in real time. Good news.
  7. Privacy leak is a common thing for this internet world. Whether the Android system used in NOMU phone can do a good job in this part?
  8. NOMU got its name for rugged phone all the time, this time they pioneer to be the first one improving the appearance of rugged phone. Very brave.
  9. I think NOMU is trying to do some different work from their M series. Welcome provided they are concerned about use-friendly.
  10. Both ultra-rugged and beautiful? This NOMU phone is quite amazing, expecting its high specs for a better phone using experience.
  11. Privacy is really a serious problem now, i am sick of answering some strange calls. The NOMU phone will adopt the Android 8.0 features strong privacy protection. Hope it works well.
  12. I always go fishing if i have free time, before i had this NOMU phone, two of my other phone fell into the lake and didn’t work anymore. Now i can totally enjoy my activity and no worries about my phone’s safe.Because of my job, i always uses rugged phone. NOMU is the best quality phone I've ever used.
  13. Last summer when i graduated from college, i bought a NOMU phone and visited several places of Africa. I went through a really hard time outside and this phone help me out. Good enough phone.
  14. The NOMU phone is quite strong and rugged i must say. Several days before my phone dropped into toilet, i was really upset at that moment, but the phone works well after i pick it up although its a disgusting process...
  15. I have used a NoMU phone for one year ago. Happy to see they will release a new phone both rugged and fashion.