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  1. mnsaruar

    Nubia M2 lite MauiMeta file

    Hi, After Unbricked my Nubia M2 lite now Imei is null/empty. I tried to flash by sptool to restore my Imei but it didn't work. Now I want to try MauiMeta tool that's why I need MauiMeta file. Does anyone have thoes file. can anybody help me to solve this problem.
  2. mnsaruar

    Nubia M2 Lite Bricked

    After trying flash lot of time by spflash rom finally it's worked unbrick my phone. But the problem is right now sim card is not working. Sim card not activating also touch working automatically.
  3. mnsaruar


    Flash completed 100% serval times but still stuck on logo. Recovery mode was not came before but after flash done now recovery mode is coming.
  4. mnsaruar

    Nubia M2 Lite Bricked

    is there anyone who can hep me to unbricked Nubia M2 lite.
  5. mnsaruar

    Nubia First Aid Emergency Tool

    Hi, Does anyone have Nubia First Aid Emergency Tool Mtk version. I have a version that is for Snapdragon Chipset but I hava Nubia M2 Lite and it has MTK MT6750 chipset so I need MTK supported Nubia First Aid Emergency Tool.
  6. mnsaruar

    Nubia M2 Lite Bricked

    Does anyone have nubia first aid emergency tool Mtk version.
  7. mnsaruar

    Nubia M2 Lite Bricked

    Can anyone give me nubia m2 lite sp tool supported rom.
  8. mnsaruar

    Nubia M2 Lite Bricked

    After going fastboot Mode device got vibrating and then stuck on fastboot mode here is the photo of fast Mode
  9. mnsaruar

    Nubia M2 Lite Bricked

    Hello i have a nubia m2 lite but my device has bricked also recovery mode is not working its showing error. I need sp tool writes backup rom. Can any one give me this rom. Pls help me. Thanks