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  1. I was trying to root bluboo s8a with TWRP following this tutorial When I reached step 2 of installing the ROM with sp flash tools, the ROM installed up to the end but the phone stopped powering (doesn't show anything). I tried downloading other customs ROMs for bluboo s8 but they were customized to be flashed with TWRP because they had no scatter files. I landed on one custom ROM which I flashed into the phone with sp flash tools and the phone powered on and I could hear the sound when I press the buttons and when the phone is powering on but the screen shows a dark screen. I would like to go back to the stock ROM or a working custom ROM. I took some screenshots of the settings of the About Phone before trying the rooting process.
  2. I'm having this same phone bluboo s8a with build number bluboo_s8a_v27_20180314. I was installing custom ROM with sp tools and bricked it. it doesn't power on as I installed different ROM. Do you please have a stock ROM for this particular model? thank you?
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