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  1. Uploaded 06. 04 without gapps - also normally. Installing with gapps is also normal
  2. Erny80 Try it - through twrp fix_idc
  3. On the official site In the zip archive - the system folder in the system folder
  4. Copiare sul telefono RR-N-v5.8.2-20170326-nx531j-official.zip On the official site RR link to download the broken
  5. nik26701

    nubia Z11 GizROM Pixel Edition 1.0

    Hello ! Is the project abandoned? Updates will be?. How to add notification with the light of the central button.
  6. nik26701

    Mokee MK71.1 con Android Nougat

    arm64/7.1/micro It is advisable to put the gapps immediately after the installation of rom without leaving twrp
  7. nik26701

    GizROM Alfa Nougat 1.3 per nubia Z11

    Hello ! Balance sim * 100 # button call. Set is normal. Or without #. Check please
  8. nik26701

    nubia Z11 GizROM Pixel Edition 1.0

  9. GAPPS to 1.54 / 1.56 / 17.01.18 it is recommended to put gapps immediately after flashing rom
  10. nik26701

    CyanogenMod 14.1, un assaggio di Nougat per Nubia Z11

    Greetings! link to the firmware does not work.