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Emanuele C

Amazfit Bip: latin alphabet with graphic accent

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Amazfit Bip didn't support accented letters so far, but thanks to this mod developed by Eddi of our GizROM team and by yener, today we can finally say goodbye to notifications full of annoying squares. This modded font file support latin script edited to perfectly support Italian, German, Turkish, Hungarian and Vietnamese languages.

Notice: after installing the firmware v0.1.0.66 don't downgrade to other versions! We also report that the touch does not seem to be particularly responsive with this release

Warning: Use this procedure at your own risk and responsability. and are not responsible for bricked devices and any other problem that may occur. Your warranty will be void if you tamper with any part of your device / software.

What you need

How to install latin fonts

  1. Uninstall other versions of Mi Fit and install Mi Fit;
  2. update Bip's firmware to v0.1.0.66;
  3. uninstall Gadgetbridge (if installed)
  4. install app_debug.apk;
  5. run this version of gadgetbridge;
  6. download on your phone the .ft font file;
  7. use a File Manager to open this file;
  8. choose "FW/App installer" option;
  9. tap "install" and wait;
  10. uninstall our version of gadgetbridge and reinstall the original one.




V3: added Czech, fixed Vietnamese

V2: added Vietnamese and Hungarian support.

V1: compatible with Turkish, Italian and German languages.


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Dear Emanuele C!

(I'm so sorry because I can't contact to Yener Durak, so If you can, tell him about this. Thanks)

I'm Khuất Chiến from Việt Nam.

Thanks for your help with Vietnamese on the Amazfit Bip.

As you know, Our language have the special characters show they can't display with same line of latin base font.

Normally base latin font have the distance 4px from bottom, so we have 12px from top to draw characters. With Vietnamese some character like Ế, Ễ, Ấ, Ẫ, Ẩ, Ứ, Ữ, Ử need more height than 12px.

So I have an idea, I will move all base latin font down 2px to bottom, and Vietnamese characters have 14px from top to draw and that's enough. I think you will have all Vietnamese Bip user to make our own ft file with new base latin and new vietnamese characters.

If you can help, please tell me. I will fix all latin base, vietnamese characters with distance 2px from bottom and send to you. You will make a font file for us. Really thanks.

This is compare between two style font 4px and 2px from bottom

Hope you read and help us. Thanks in advanced!
If you can't change latin base from 4px to 2px because they may affect to other language. Please make us (all vietnamese bip user) a ft file for vietnamese. Thank you so much.

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On 2/5/2018 at 6:25 AM, Emanuele C said:

Thank you for your suggestion, we will work on it

Thanks Emanuele!

I’ve already contacted to yener durak and he had suggested me to pull up some letters 2px. He’s working on it. I hope it will be done today!

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Dear Emanuele C

1. I'm found this topic from amazfit bip international group.
Can you help me to add Thai language notifications in amazfit bip 

I'm create .BMP of Thai character and set file name to Hexa code all Thai character in folder.
and upload already at

please help to add to amazfit bip.
If have something wrong in my file please tell me to edit it


2. Are you have some tools for simulate the firmware before upload to amazfit bip. 
for test result of firmware work or not work before upgrade to amazfit.

Thank you so much


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How to edit last post in forum.
last post link have some text lost.  Today I'm already add more text character and recheck all again.

Now I'm re upload in this link


The alignment on top and buttom can't limit same scale. because some character of Thai Language different shortness tail. 
some character use long tail to end point of bottom. That different word different meaning.
But I'm design all in 16 Pixel.
Thank you  so much. :)

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