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Oggi vi presentiamo questa ottima ROM basata sulla MIUI versione cinese per lo Xiaomi MI 6, nome in codice "sagit". Purtroppo al momento l'italiano non è presente (la ROM è portata avanti dalla community russa) ma sicuramente vale la pena provarla per le numerose personalizzazioni.



- assembled on the basis of Chinese firmware
- translation languages - Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, English, Turkish, Chinese
- own firmware and patch repository
- cut out excess Chinese applications
- optimized system resources and power consumption
- the minimum required for Google services
- extended reboot menu
- M8 weather app with an extended widget and source package
- author's wallpaper, themes and styles of design
- root-rights in the drain, integration of SuperSu
- init.d support
- busybox
- tweaks build.prop
- Keyboard Sony Xperia as the main keyboard
- independent settings
- extended desktop settings (on / off shadows, captions, reflection icons, automatic closing of folders, gestures on the desktop with the ability to choose their own applications for them)
- a modified stock dialer and the application "Phone" (the ability to turn on the maximum screen backlight when you call and configure the action after the end of the call)
- setting the time before selecting a SIM card before making a call
- possibility to activate full-screen photo when calling
- Photo caller default settings - providing photo selection (in normal mode - without full screen)
- the ability to select the default photo when calling
- the ability to hide / show the search bar, "My profile" and "Groups" in contacts and ringing
- call recording quality settings
- flashlight blinking settings when making a call
- advanced settings for network type selection
- smart mobile network - SmartNET
- setting the network type when making a call
- Set the network type when you turn on Wi-Fi
- connection timers
- advanced battery indicator settings
- fixed the notification count on icons
- possibility of on / off. sound when you connect and disconnect the charger
- the ability to manually select the color of the LED from the palette
- various styles of the status bar
- separate ring volume and notifications in the pop-up window
- possibility of on / off. screen when connecting / disabling. charger
- the ability to set the color of the percent text (own, gradient, default)
- the ability to hide / show icons in the status bar
- the view of the switch panel when the curtain is opened (in the joint mode)
- the ability to hide / show the brightness panel in the curtain
- the ability to hide / show the search bar in the curtain
- the ability to hide / show the weather in the blind
- Ability to show LTE icon instead of 4G
- a pop-up message was disabled when selecting the "3G only"
- the ability to install your application to hold the function keys
- endless scrolling of desktops
- camera tweaks (shooting modes, 4K and shooting with the screen off, noise reduction, etc.)
- enable / disable vibration when unlocking with a fingerprint
- setting the number of switches in the curtain
- customize the animation of pop-up notifications
- Yandex search in the browser
- gestures anywhere on the screen with the ability to assign any actions to them
- animation and interpolation of lists (visual effects)
- sound delivery report sms
- screen off animation
- inclusion of rounded corners of the screen
- A-GPS settings
- switching tracks with volume buttons
- FaceID (only for devices with 64-bit processor architecture)
- Assigning your application to a combination of buttons
- weather widget in personal assistant
- and much more…


IMPORTANTE: La procedura descritta in questa guida presenta operazioni complesse che, se eseguite in maniera scorretta, potrebbero danneggiare il vostro device. Si consiglia l’esecuzione solo da utenti che abbiano maturato una buona esperienza in ambito modding. Lo staff di GizChina.it non si riterrà responsabile per eventuali danni al dispositivo.




  1. Scaricate i file e copiateli nella memoria interna del vostro smartphone;
  2. Riavviate in recovery;
  3. Opzionalmente fare un backup;
  4. Dal menu install selezionate il file zip  e fate swipe per  installare;
  5. Riavviate il terminale.



Fonte XDA


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