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Hi Guys,

I want to share my opinion about Lenovo ZUK Z2 PRo. I have it like 2 weeks right now so I can talk about it. First, I will add some specifics about my version and then functionality, battery etc.

Specifics: 6 GB Ram/128 GB Storage, CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 8996 2,15 GHz

Android: 6.0.1

 ZUI: 2.0.049 DEV


  • Fingerprint scanner works  tutuapp  marvelous!

  • Home button can be customized,

  • Battery - If I have normal usage (listening to spotif appvalley y, yt sometimes, using facebook, chrome etc.) - I need to re-charge my battery around 2nd day (or after 2 days). Playing games non-stop with internet connection - 6 hours.

  • Good reception (Wireless, Network)

  • AMOLED display (1920x1080 pixels resolution),

  • Performance (don't need to re-boot, works very smoothly even when I have 3-4 apps running),

  • Notifications - I can disable spam, have notification when one "closed" app is still running and it impacts my battery,

  • looks like premium smarthphone,

  • DualSIM actually working great.


  • no microSD

  • Battery not replaceable

Definetely would recommend buying it. If someone is interested - cammera is good, but not even close to the one in Galaxy S8 but compared to Xiaomi Mi6 - for me it looks better. I only would change it to OnePlus - but the new version when it come out.

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