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TWRP v3 for Smartisan Nut Pro 2

Emanuele C

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In our review Smartisan Nut Pro 2 performed very well, so we decided to send a sample to our GizROM Team. After many attempts Francko76 successfully created a TWRP for this device! 

Warning: Use this procedure at your own risk and responsability. GizChina.it and GizBlog.it are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards and any other problem that may occur. Your warranty will be void if you tamper with any part of your device / software.

What do we need for Root our Smartisan Nut Pro 2

  • Smartisan Nut Pro 2  (70% charge at least);
  • PC Windows;
  • TWRP image (if you have a rooted device) or TWRP tools;
  • Qualcomm drivers;
  •  root access or EDL cable for Qualcomm device:




Rooted device:

  1. Download Flashify form Play Store;
  2. run this app (requires root);
  3. download the TWRP image;
  4. tap "recovery image";
  5. "choose a file";
  6. select the TWRP;
  7. flash;
  8. reboot the phone in TWRP;
  9. format data.

No root:

We'll need to enter in EDL mode (Qualcomm HS_USB QDloader 9008). If you have an EDL Cable:

  1. Turn off your phone;
  2. connect the cable;
  3. press the cable's button for few seconds;
  4. install Qualcomm drivers;
  5. connect your phone to PC. 

You can also use a normal USB cable, but it will be broken to enter EDL (see  this tutorial).

Now your phone is in Qualcomm HS_USB QDloader 9008.

  1. download and unzip our root tools;
  2. run Qfil;
  3. select "Flat Build";
  4. choose the Programmer: "Browse"-> "prog_emmc_ufs_firehose_Sdm660_ddr.elf";
  5. click on "Load XML" and select "rawprogram_unsparse.xml", then "patch0.xml";
  6. click "Download";
  7. wait: QFIL will notify an error, it's normal;
  8. reboot your phone in TWRP;
  9. format data.

Now your Smartisan Nut Pro 2 has working a TWRP recovery!

If you want to roll back to stock ROM just flash this via Qfil!


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